Focal point IQ

Hi I'm new on this forum and found this.
Does someone got an opinion on this?


  • Can't find anything on ingredients or valid reviews for it, based on multiple descriptions it just sounds like it supplements and boosts production of neurotransmitters like acetylcholine and an inhibitor that slows its consumption and probably a cocktail of aminos that are suspected to boost cognitive effects.
    There is no way to tell how much of each chemical is in each dose, you may be better off just buying choline, nootropics and galantamine, that way you know what you are taking and likely get stronger effects than Focal Point IQ.

    Just make sure you look up what you buy so to not take too much, conflicts with other supplements or whether or not you need to use them on a cycle as it can cause your brain to slow its natural production of the neurotransmitters you are supplementing if you are constantly supplementing.

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