Olfactory Neural Interface Idea

I wanted to quickly share a thought here. I have been thinking about a chip that had many columns of cells separated from each other, each only able to survive in the presence of a certain wavelength of light, which would be unique to the chip. Each cell line would also turn an arbitrarily chosen color in the presence of a single chemical signal. The color of each column would be polled by a sensor array periodically and the inputs delivered to a program such as a neural net that would then produce light to trigger a biochemical response in a second array of cell columns, each genetically programmed to a certain product. The products would be allowed to mix in a shared space and leach out into the bloodstream. Effectively, I envision a device that can respond to internal and external chemical states by priming the body to deal with them. If a particular toxin or pollutant is present, automatically prime the body to be ready for it. Is there a certain animal nearby? Forgo the chemical response and just update the program state with this info for big data analysis. Is an allergen present? Make sure the immune system is ready.

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