Custom NFC RFID tags? Over 1 gigabyte?

I'm wondering how you make your own tags and the fundamentals of the tags because the better I understand the better I can make one with more capabilities ie more memory, faster read/write, better range
What I was thinking was simply attaching the chips in series but I know that won't work at all. I was just thinking maybe we could create a tag from a couple of other tags to increase memory and possibly speed (even whether that means making a diy protocol for a app)


  • making NFC tags is a bit difficult due to the frequencies involved and the rather big protocol stack to implement. I'd recommend a good background in electrical engineering for that but certainly possible with enough knowledge and dedication.

    Using low frequency RFID things are a bit easier if you want to play around with.

    If you want more memory you probably have to rely on flash storage, sticking with tiny microcontrollers as your tag-brain i'd recommend as it allow you to pretty easily wire up a micro-sd card. One big drawback: flash memory eats power for breakfast, so this only works if you buffer a lot of energy for reading and writing (which makes it slow too).

    Going faster is pretty much out of question, RFID is usualy passively powered from the base station EM-field. Load-modulating said field puts a limit on your upper frequency and thus speed (not to mention SNR).

    Same with range, unless you pump in power from a separate supply you'r very limited. Your only choice is to use antenna with bigger (way) bigger area.

    If you desire speed, size and range you probably want to look into different technologies. Like a battery powered bluetooth-le or wifi storage.

  • I’ve only seen NFC chips with capacities of up to 1Kb. Also RFID is a different technology altogether, and the only thing they do is transmit a code they were given upon manufacturing. They’re useful as keys and whatnot, not for data.

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