Tattoo antenna with Conductive ink

Is it possible to use conductive ink in a tattoo machine as a antenna for a NFC/RFID? For better connections?
You could even use it to make a NFC/RFID logo and also serve as a antenna. My question is is it possible to connect a tag to the "leads" for the conductive tattoo to form a circuit? I would imagine it would be hard and movement might affect the connection at times but if you had a metal pad connecting to the chip that was touching the tattoo lead it would work and alternatively you could thread thin wire through your skin like stitches or made a coil out of that wire around your thumb or finger / wrist. I'm just throwing out ideas for you guys to discuss I guess (first post here)


  • conductive tattoos were discussed at length in the past. Summary is: they won't.
    Summarized: The body is a pretty good conductor already, adding conductive particles won't do much. You'd have to add those particles, fuse them into a proper conductive string (means the particles have to touch each other) and then you'd need to add insulation around this sea of particles.

    About connecting stuff subdermally. Needles with insulated shafts and conductive tips poked into conductive sponge/metal-mesh were used in the past. So it's not entirely impossible to pull this stunt in general (except not with tattoos)

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