Results From Testing "Near-Surface" Implantation

Not too long a go I implanted a small piece of plastic just under the top layers of my skin to see how long it would stay there, in hope that it could be a way of doing painless and quick magnetic implants. It stayed in for about 24 hours before the skin above it gave way as the skin below grew. I have a bulk order of tiny magnets in the post, and I plan to try this on one of them (possibly breaking one up if its too tight of a fit).

How do you think it will go?


  • while most plastics won't do a lot of harm in 24h, magnets aren't anywhere close to this friendly when it comes to implantation. Unless you ensure the magnet only comes in contact with the non-living part of the skin you should probably not do it. And if you plan to do it in only the dead-part of the skin you may as well just glue it on.

    Don't implant magnets unless you have validated (by theory and experimental result) that the magnet won't harm your body, and your body won't harm the magnet either.

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