Biohacking meet-ups London, UK + filming implant procedures

Hello, I’m Sophie/S, an artist based in London, UK. I explore biopolitics and control and ways to reclaim agency, through personal experiences of being queer, non-binary and disabled (you can see some of my work here

Firstly, I am new here and would in the long-term like to get to know biohacking communities and attend meet-ups in London, UK. I’ve used biofeedback equipment (Bitalino board, ECG and GSR sensors) before, pharmaceuticals to manage chronic health conditions, and needle play in queer BDSM scenarios, but I wanted to expand on and find out more about different biohacking techniques.

Secondly, and more specifically, I will be part of a live event on 17th March 2018 that’ll be using biofeedback equipment to control video clips that will play with a live set by musicians. As part of this I’d like to shoot footage of other forms of biohacking, specifically microchip or magnet implants. I was wondering if anyone would be very kindly willing or able to let me film some parts of these procedures. I totally understand the potential ethical problems, and that this is quite a short time period within which to build up a level of trust where people may feel comfortable with someone filming them. The footage would be close-up shots of the implant procedures (not featuring any faces, or other distinguishing features e.g. tattoos, if you wish to remain completely anonymous).
I am not necessarily expecting anyone to be able or willing to, but I’m just posting this in case there does happen to be anyone who may be interested. If so, please message me on here.

In the meanwhile, I look forward to finding out more about biohacking...
Thanks and all the best, S

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