Developing a Permanent Treatment for Lactose Intolerance Using Gene Therapy

Been working on this for a while. Thought ya'll would enjoy.


  • You're becoming popular among the Hackaday writers.
    Nicely done.

  • This seems well done. I'm glad to see more people modifying themselves. I do wonder about the potential increase in cancer rates (and really all diseases) that are caused by improper genome integration. Do you have any information on that and considerations of that?

    This seems to be the major complaint on what you've done, though I see it as a probably minor issue.

    It would be cool if you could provide a short procedure for how you went about this. I'd like to start making a collection of comprehensive procedures to genetically engineer one's self.

  • Sign me up for this, or rather, my gf. She knows the pain of lactose intolerance. Has messed her last 3 years up quite a bit. Congratulation on your progress.

  • This really fascinated me and I'm excited to see if anything changes. There is so much potential with this new "pill." I have quite a few friends that could use this.

  • You make extremely good content subscribed
  • Thanks everyone :) glad you like the project

    As to improper genome integration, ya that's something I worry about, but the risk is quiet small. In future version i'm hoping to implement things to further limit that issue.

  • Was this only taken one time so far? Probably not a very profitable drug if that's the case but sounds like it could help a lot of people (fortunately not me) if it can either be officially approved or the knowledge to do it yourself widely available. Great video as always.

  • Ya it's meant to be a one off.

    And I dunno, almost 4 billion people have lactose intolerance. Even at 100 bucks a pop that's good money. But it'll be a very long time before that can happen. Much more testing needs to be done and it needs to be improved a lot

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