Questions about NGF

Nerve Growth Factor is commonly available as eyedrops and aids brain health, I know. I want to know what some negative effects of it are, and if I can take too much. I also want to know if it enhances the sense of touch if used topically (for example, one can feel things better if applied on fingers or can have better sex if applied on the labia/penis/whatever else). I also would like to know the implications of ingesting and injecting it. Any answers? I'm quite new to biohacking, so this is all quite confusing to me and I don't understand the technical writings about it.


  • I came across a nice review on the topic while looking into this. Ed-NGF can improve visual acuity, counteract neurodegeneration, and reduce inflammation ( Sections 5-9 are the important information. Sections 1-4 are really nice information on the working os the human eye.

    I did not come across many negatives. One paper I was reading indicated issues if NGF was increased in unwanted(?) parts of the brain( If you successfully increased your nerve density/count you would experience pain more severe.

    I'm not sure it's wise to put anything like this on genitals. With injections you must be absolutely sterile. Ingestion does not need to be. Like all things you absolutely cna take too much.

    This honestly turned out significantly more positive than I expected. It may be time to seriously consider NGF therapeutically in the general public. I would warn that taking only eye drops has been shown (first paper) to have little dosage spreading into the brain, though they did say there seemed to be enough to make a difference in neurodegenerative diseases. This meta-analysis paper indicates that nerve growth factor is safe via injection and has been used extensively in China (

    Lastly, for something like this you may want to speak with your doctor. I always like to, even though I'm very healthy. It just gives you a medical professionals position on the topic. I do, however, encourage you to critically analyze what they say and do your own research into the topic.

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