Homemade steroid

I don't trust online places, ant way I can make my own what would I need and how would I do it oral taken would be preferred but I can inject if I need


  • There are ways. Some hormones can be isolated out of horse urine for example but I the thing about oral admin give me the impression you don't know a whole lot about the topic yet. You might start by just looking into negative feedback systems and hormones in general. Also, there are some great sites totally dedicated to discussing steroids you might start interacting on. How old are you?
  • @Cassox said:
    There are ways. Some hormones can be isolated out of horse urine for example but I the thing about oral admin give me the impression you don't know a whole lot about the topic yet. You might start by just looking into negative feedback systems and hormones in general. Also, there are some great sites totally dedicated to discussing steroids you might start interacting on. How old are you?

    hey, I'm 17, I've been looking at different ways to help my distance running, I'm trying to get a sub 13 minute 5k I've created lightweight prototype I might surgically put into my airways, it decreases the amount of oxygen I can breathe to stimulate high altitude training in Ethiopia. I know steroids are bad and I'd do anything I can to stay away from them our there any other legal option as well as safer?

  • I wouldn't say they're bad. But it is something requiring a lot of research to do correctly.
  • Having the restrictor surgically implanted would defeat the purpose, as you wouldn't be able to take it off for your races.


    I am a runner and live at altitude here in South Africa (greater than a mile high) much like Nairobi Kenya and Addis Ethiopia. The greatest runners in the world come from these places frequently because of the effect of altitude training and the advantage it confers for V02 and all that good stuff.

    But for you to want to run a sub-13 5k is world class performance. The fastest time in history for 5km road race is 12:59. These are people with access to the best gear, the best in sports medicine, have been training for years, and are exceptionally built for running like this. Tampering with just your airways to build O2 saturation advantage is something already done with the masks or training at altitude. You are going to need something a lot more dramatic than what you are talking about; and if that dramatic help exists somewhere, world class runners with lots of sponsorship money on the line will be going after it.

    In the meantime, enjoy the run. It's a great sport.

  • @Cassox where are the best place to get steroids, and what's the best that's not to harmful or expensive but also farliy effective
  • @Newkiddo , where are you? i maybe get mine, locally from whatever people are selling. It's way easier to buy than to make, and way cheaper to buy, then have tested for purity, than to make.
    As for oral vs. injection: oral is fast acting, fast gone. It puts pressure on the liver (steroids specifically) and you do not want to do them for long.
    Even with injections,you need to do some studying. If you are a man, steroids will inhibit your body's production; with the wrong type and dosage, no boners.

    At 17 you shouldn't be doing steroids. that aside, if you do, you should start by doing a Testosterone only cycle and see, learn, and continue. There are multiple different compounds that do different things, interact different. "steroids" encompass a huge range.

    Try steroid dot com for a pretty thorough list and details. look up the "tnation" boards for chat boards. "steroidology" is another good, active board.
    I can tell you if you go in with questions like this, they will boo you out.

    You need to find out about yourself: bf%, age, weight, height, how much you work out, diet details; then study about testosterone first, find an esther that will work for you, try that out for a while, then you can start "stacking" and trying different varieties.

    if we ignore all this, and say you want to start right away, for running and endurance without gaining; you want to look at "winnesterol" and "anavar" and "equipoise". Most of these come in both oral and inject. Make sure you don' tneed to be tested any time.

    Good luck, you are messing with the very basic, bottom level functions of your body. Do it smart.

  • @Erischilde hey I'm in Oregon Portland area
  • Oh geez, you're fairly close. I'm in Vancouver. What I don't suggest is buying online. Can't trust anything. Some legal supplements name themselves after popular steroids but are crap mixes of "natural" herbs and poppy cock, and of course you could get nothing, etc.

    In multiple cities I've had plenty of luck going on craigslist and looking for "supplements", "bodybuilding" and sometimes straight up "steroid" or the names. Cops don't really care that much, especially with things like ice and fentanyl to worry about, so guys will risk advertising like that.

    Most gear is made in home labs, sometimes buying bulk steroids used for horses and beef and attaching them to esthers suspended in oil. Hell I think test is made from cholesterol.
  • If you are going to use them no matter the advice, Test Enanthate 250 injectable, never use more than one new compound at a time and don't try anything stronger for a first cycle and for advice: DO NOT USE THEM, at your age there are many side effects and you will be afflicted by a few of them and then you have a PCT to deal with after. You should try SARMs instead, I've gotten results comparable to being on the juice from legal and safer alternatives namely MK-2866 Ostarine (legal but not permitted in competitive sports), Dianobal (it's a legal alternative to the steroid Dianabol). I speak from experience from weight training with and without, I tried Dianobal and HGH from Crazymass and had a sharp increase in strength and endurance and when running out switched to the MK-2866 which if used during a cycle helps burn fat while building lean muscle or used during a PCT to keep gains.
    I will be trying new a new and promising SARM soon, RAD 140 and will be posting my evaluation on a discussion relating to it.

  • You might want to look into Cordyceps mushrooms.


    I have no idea if this actually works but it supposedly increases the absorption of oxygen in the body by more than 40% and improves stamina and athletic performance.


    In more detail, Cordyceps was first brought to the media when the Chinese olympic team used it to win all its medals and was considered to be a food rather than a drug. It is a performance enhancer and is used by world class weightlifters to improve their world records. A remedy for weakness and fatigue. It increases the ATP molecule in the body. Greater quantities of ATP equals greater energy capacity. However, most of us don’t work anywhere near the limits of our ATP capacity. If you are a marathon runner then you will definitely see difference in using it. But for the average housewive or businessman ATP capacity doesn’t matter at all.

    The other thing is, Cordyceps dramatically increases the absorption of oxygen. The air around us contains 20% oxygen. Humans inhale 20% and exhale 13% oxygen. It’s found that people who consume cordyceps exhale only 8% oxygen which clearly shows that their body absorb larger percentage of oxygen.

  • Hehe, after being on prednisone for six months, followed by a forced cutoff, I would REALLY not suggest utilising steroids willy-nilly for fun and games. They are extremely potent with very nasty side effects. The only reason I personally used them was due to their necessity to manage a pair of conditions inducing a critical colitis flare that could have killed me. x-x

    There is nothing wrong with asking questions or wanting to learn; But the knowledge is out there and well studied and observed. You need to do FAR more research into this field if you want to have any reasonable chance of succeeding at your goal. ^^

    Would highly suggest looking into biochemistry. There must be fun things to play with that increase respiratory capacity. @Cassox had a project going investigating something to the effect of increasing oxygen capacity in the blood for holding breath much longer, you may wish to flip through his posts. :3

    Also, it's critical to consider you body is still growing. don't derail your growth. don't try to peak before you even naturally hit your prime. Don't shift too early. x3x

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