Would it be feasible to implant an electret?

Electrets are the electrical analog of magnets; they are usually made of polymers like plastic and wax, and they hold a permanent electrical field. Would an implanted electret allow someone to sense electromagnetic fields the same way an implanted magnet does?


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    long story short: no.

    As you correctly pointed out, they hold an electric field. This is useful for applications where you alter other parameters while keeping your field so you get changes elsewhere, for example voltage. They are not all that suited to measure an electric field. The other thing is, once you implant them you have the body around it, which is a reasonably good conductor and inside it you have an almost constant electric potential so the e-field is not going to get you far.

    If you want to pick up stray electric fields, high impedance inputs are a choice, like a jfet gate. If you want to, i can share an older microphone-electret amp stage with crazy high impedance. It's virtually useless for audio application unless you put a solid layer of copper around it to shield it from undesired electrical fields, this thing easily picks up all sorts of fields. Does a great job at detecting nearby tube-based tv's. The scanline refresh gets detected really well.

  • I'd be interested in seeing that @ThomasEgi

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