Hi everyone! Just introducing myself!

Hey everyone! My name is Nova! (Novaria)
I did not see an "introduce yourself area" so I will do it here. I hope that's okay!
A little about me:

I love drawing, reading, researching, making, roleplaying, cooking, camping, and gardening!

I am a design engineer, and I am back at school to get a degree in mechanical engineering technology. (It's mechanical engineering with a focus on machining and manufacturing.)

I do drafting work, and 3D modelling in a number of different CAD programs.

I have done my share of lab work and R&D mainly focused on magnets, and magnetic shielding, but also on prosthetics and implants (research).

I have also worked with CNC machines and have worked in G-code. (Though it has been a while.)
I also have worked with casting, welding, blacksmithing, and sculpting. I mostly work in plastics but also metal and wood.

I have studied a lot of biology, physics, and circuitry.

My experience in hacking has been through personal diet. I have significantly improved my quality of life by modifying my immune response through continuous rigorous diet and have been mobile and pain free for several years now! Yay me! Haha
(me) o(>.<)==o)x.X)o (joint pain)

Love to hear from you guys and gals! I am always open to hearing new ideas, and being a sounding board! If I do not know something I will tell you, and then research the crap out of it! Haha



  • welcome to the forum Nova. If you happen to have any connections with laser-welding people/facilities please speak up. It's a much needed thing right now.

  • @ThomasEgi I do know someone actually!
    @Carnifectus can give you more info on them. They are a friend of his in Alabama. They do miniature casting professionally, and they do custom pieces. Anyways, they have a 24" x24" laser cutter. Not sure about their availability though. @Carnifectus can get in contact with them. I think he knows some welders too.

    I am okay at welding, not super pretty welds but they hold just fine. I am focussing on that this semester. Practice practice practice. I do oxyacetylene and stick. I am learning MIG and TIG. I am also making an oxyhydrogen torch with @Carnifectus because water is a lot cheaper than oxyacetylene, which is not really in my budget anymore. Haha sigh

    I will try to remember to ask him tonight, or you can PM him if my incessant tagging did not alert him to this discussion.

    Nice to meet you!

  • @Nova I'm alerted. Thanks.
    He is the cousin of a friend of mine. I'll see if I can get in touch with him.

  • @ThomasEgi my apologies, I misread your question. I read it as laser cutting and welding instead of what you wrote laser-welding. I do not know anyone that does that. I do know a really skilled welder who can weld a sheet of aluminum foil and a soda can together, but no one with that kind of precision equipment.

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