Complete guide to Cerebrolysin

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Put out a new video I thought you'd enjoy/find useful.

Nootropics get all sorts of weird attention from different groups. Most of the time they're sold as if they're NZT, but frankly most of them don't do anything. One of the few exceptions that has been extensively studied is cerebrolysin. Made of a purified extract of enzymatic digestion of pig cortex, cerebrolysin has been around since 1950 and has gone through a tremendous amount of clinical trials. It's used clinically for treating dementia and other brain trauma, but it's also occasionally used as a nootropic. Check out the video for more info:


  • I have a bunch sitting around. Keep forgetting to try it out.

  • A little slow here, didn't realize this was your channel. (Figured it was someone here but didn't know who) Just like to say thank you for the great content I've been subbed and keeping up with it!

  • Also you stated it cannot be ingested. It is made in india and other places in pill form as "cerebroprotien hydrolysate". But as simply cerebrolysin it has had a few studies orally which seem to show positive effects.

  • Great video! I learn something new everyday!

  • Has anyone had any problems/concerns with the ciliary neurotrophic factor in the cerebrolysin reducing activity of osteoblasts?

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