best chip for multi-purpose

I'm currently in contact with chinese companies manufacturing glass rfid chips.
My requested specification is

  • a glass tag with ISO14443A & NFC Type 4 DESFire EV1 RFID chip
  • The tags need to be manufactured without any coating applied to the tag in order to prevent the migration of the implanted glass tag (like parylene "c"). Easy removal is vital
  • since the reading range of Amal's 2x12mm capsule is definitely not satisfying I ask for 3x13mm. that should provide a significant improvement

Is there anything you'd recommend to change?
My findings indicate that DESFire EV1 would be the best future-proof chip for multi-purpose usage (like doorlocks, phone unlock or even payment - if I find a bank who will register my implant as my bank card:-)

All useful comments are appreciated.


  • I'm looking forward to input from other forum members.

  • I'm sorry but I'm confused. A larger capsule will provide a better range?
  • Since there is more room for a larger antenna - yes.
  • the range problems are mostly due to the antenna type. a better solution would be to implant a bio-safe coated flat tag like the ones being tested on dangerous things currently. they have a better read range. The only problem is that flat tags require going under knife rather than using an injection needle, but a larger diameter capsule tag would require a higher gauge needle anyway and that might be pushing it at that point.

  • Well - I've got a doctor who would do the implants. However - I can't really get my hands on a flat tag - which is bio compatible. any idea?

    I'm definitely not going to pay 250 bucks for a flat tag (with production costs of estimated 2,5 bucks).

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