So I'm finally going through with it. How am I messing up?

So after more than a year of waiting, I'm finally preparing to put a magnet in my finger. I've got most of my supplies but I'd feel a lot better about all this if somebody could look over my plan and tell me if/where I'm fucking up.

I'm planning to get a haworth magnet to actually implant, and sterilize it by placing it in Isopropyl alcohol for 15 minutes.
I bought disposable scalpels sterilized with gamma radiations and intend to use ( ) those to place the magnet after sterilizing them in boiling water.

I'm conflicted about which topical anesthetic to use though. I noticed that Dangerous Things has EMLA for 19 bucks, but only enough to anesthetize 1 square inch of skin and wouldn't conducting a digital nerve block require more anesthetization than that. It seems quite easy to get LMX-4 or 5 through amazon as well and in larger quantities and this ( ) shows no difference between the 2 after 45 minutes and more numbness for LMX-4 slightly after application. Which topical would you recommend and why?

I plan to wipe down the incision site with Povidone Iodine and wipe the area I'm using down with Isopropyl alcohol in an attempt to create a sterile field.

I will probably be using's lido kit to conduct the nerve block.


  • Link the exact magnet you intend on implanting so I can determine the efficacy of your testing methods so I can prevent you from accidentally damaging the biocompatible coating. You won't require allot of anesthetic, you are implanting the magnet just below the dermis in the subdermal layer and don't have to cut an incision too deep although it still won't be exactly pleasant.

    Think of it like a shot, a little pain for a bit but it isn't unbearable. The real pain is inserting the magnet into the incision and making the "pocket" in the subdermal layer, which if done carefully can be minimized.

  • I wouldn't use Iso or boiling for sanitation. Use bleach. Its stronger and more effective. I doubt that the boiling point of water is enough to damage the magnet, but I've heard that heat can weaken or even kill these magnets, so bleach is definitely a safe bet. I'd also like to ask if you think you really need the anesthetic. I understand a lot of people need it because they can't do it otherwise, but if you think you can do it without or with something weaker than chemicals, such as an ice-numbing and rubber band tourniquet, then i'd say it's worth a try. Remember, you're aiming to get it in a place of high sensation so its effective, but implanting it distally (not directly under where it makes contact when you touch things with it) so it doesn't bother you too much once its healed. The pain felt when making the incision and implanting it may give you some insight as to if its good placement or not as the pain correlates to how sensitive (and thus how effective) the area is, and if it's in an area where it will apply too much pressure when you grab or grip things with it. If you can't do it without anesthetic then i'd say just take more care to plan out where exactly where its resting position will be and if it will bother you later.

  • DO NOT USE BLEACH. Yet. I'm 100% certain it isn't good for TiN. I do not know for Haworth's. >~>

    I think the standard is 92% iso cut with 4% chlorhexidine? Correct me if wrong. ^^'

    Do not use lidocaine with epi. Don't use anything with epinephrine. >~<
  • I thought all the haworth's use an injection molded silicon coating (?) But if it is TiN then shoot, I don't know anything about how bleach would effect it.

    Just checked his link and it is silicon coating. I'd still wait for a second opinion though, there may sill be a chemistry aspect i'm missing. I also realized you were probably talking about boiling the tools, not the magnet, my bad. I'd still say a bleach solution would be good for tool sterilization; that's what we used for hemostats at the plasma donation clinic I used to work at.

  • @Zerbula 92% iso and 4% chlorhexidine cut in what proportions? 1:1?

  • Also, 92% iso seems to be a awkward %. I can find 99 and 91. Is bigger better?
    Similarly with chlorhexidine, 2% I could get for a much better price.

    would there be any measurable difference between 92/4 and 99/2? Or should I just follow the rules?

  • Definitely follow the instructions. Higher percentage doesn't necessarily mean stronger. I forgot where I read it, but I read an explanation that stated that some of the lower percentage Iso is more effective. It has something to do with evaporation rate or something (?) I think. I'd need to re-research it, its been a while.

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