Labs and non-invasive imaging

So I decided long ago that my limit in terms of what I would or won't do ends at skin. We're essentially doing complicated piercings. I don't think anyone would construe the stuff I do as practicing medicine. However, I am interested in what comes next. I don't see the medical industry suddenly becoming interested helping us..
Two things we don't have but would be required if someone was going to go all the way and play underground surgeon are imageing and labs. Prior to any surgery, people always get some basic labs done. These usually include a CBC, CMP, and a PT/INR. Modern hematological labs run samples through various machines which pretty much do everything. They're pricey and pretty much out of our reach. But, a lot of these tests can be done manually. For example, you can spin down blood and determine hgb hct based on how thick the layers are. PT/ptt can be determined by literally timing how long blood takes to clot. I think it would be interesting to figure out what we can and can't do.

Along these lines, can we do imaging? It probably wouldn't be too hard to make an x-ray.. but I'm not really interested. There's good reason for caution.. but what about ultrasound? Or even MRI? These are considered to be not invasive. I know there's a lot you can do with ultrasound that we don't because x-rays are easy. But I'd be willing to use ultrasound and not xray. Just thinking here, but anyone have any thoughts?


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