• neither of the videos are working

  • Yes. Legitimately trying to breath them without you being in a coma would be awful. But I've seen some stuff where they doped blood with them and it let athlete preform better due to extra reserve of oxygen. But had a bunch of potential side effects. Been a long ass time since I read up on it though

  • Yeah, there are a few products that are coming out for use in premature babies that I saw. Really interesting stuff. I was actually more thinking of running a semi permiable tube through a large vein and then back out. You could cycle the perfluero carbon back out and through a high oxygen pressure enviro.. or heat it or whatever.

    I found something else when cooler though.. there a topical version used on wounds with poor circulation. I'm seriously curious if it could be used like a buccal gel. Even an extra minute of holding your breath would be amazing.
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