Where/how to get custom built Pyrex/body parts


I have an idea for an implant i'd like to prototype or build, but unsure of where to even start gathering details on Who or Where i can get it built.

Basically i'd need the ability to embed surface bars or something similar, in a small disk or slot of borosilicate, with possible embeds like LEDs or wires.

Any help would be really appreciated, and i have only the most dirty sketch in paint at this point:

Thank you!
Child of Eris


  • If I’m looking at your drawing correctly, it seems like you want to use standard surface piercings as a base for mounting LEDs under the skin. Then, when power is applied to the exposed ends of the bar, you get light from below the skin. Am I on the right path?
    If so, there’s some merit as a temporary cosmetic piercing. Longetivity of surface piercings is low but you can get years with good care.
    One problem I see with the drawings is that you have this wicked huge glob of glass around your lights which means you’ll have to cut the skin wide open when installing it. That’s no good. Your first concern should be to revise the design as a rod with a uniform diameter.
    All-glass piercings are a thing and I bet some glass-worker in your country makes custom Pyrex jewelry. If you can get a hollow piercing all you need is lights. I would wager that any tube of glass with any length runs the risk of being fragile.
    Piercings made from plastic, flexible and rigid, may be your best bet. Someone on here implanted a long pair of wires with an NFC antenna on one end and a light at the other. It was coated in silicone and didn’t come out of the skin. I recommend reading through this forum until you find that thread.

  • I was looking into borosilicate becuase of it's toughness, and the leds found are super teeny... if i can make a pocket of glass, similar to the v2 dragonfly, i think it could be implanted with a Scalpel/Lift and still have it pretty shallow!
    The idea is the glass not to be a huge blob, but a managable one :D

    You have it basically correct. The lower sketch, could be two half-surface bars, close together, parrallel, inside a glass piece. That could be less than a cm wide. Kind of seems to make more sense than, as you said, a glass tube.

    For a glass tube, it would have to be fairly thick, but short. It would sort of sleeve a barbell, but you are right, cracking it would be a big risk.

    I'm looking at BioPlast too, just not finding a source where it'd make an easy starting point. Brosil glass comes in tubes for example; with the right tools could crimp it.

    thanks! i'll look for that thread...

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