Need some help convincing the MRI tech that im okay to have a scan

So before I had my magnet implanted in the hand, I had asked about if it would be a issue with getting MRI's ect. i was told no a tech shouldent have a issue if you explain the risks involved with different strengths and that other people have had it ect ect. now im here. and low and behold of course theres a issue. so does anyone have anything that i can use to put my technicians mind at ease?


  • Something similar came up not long ago, and if I remember right the real problem at hand isn't about protecting you against the risk of harm, but protecting their extremely expensive equipment they need to have constant access to both before and after your procedure.

    Is your tech willing to give you specific details on the machine itself? If they're willing to work with you, some research on the model and its strength could provide some insight that might help.

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