Do you want to build the next subdermal implant? Read this message from Grindhouse Wetware

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Hello Everyone, 

My name is Tim and I am a member of Grindhouse Wetware. We are the development wing of
We have been making a great deal of progress forward in developing simple devices that augment the human body.

So far we have built devices for tCDS, and with simple modification we are making this into a concealable model that does the same thing as devices costing hundreds of dollars.

We have also built as device that interfaces with finger magnet implant allowing one to convert signal from virtually any sensor to an analog sense of intensity. We have, for example, used a range finder to provide distance information and it provided me with a sense of echo location. We also used an infrared sensor for heat and then mimicked a heart beat that would quicken for heat over body temp and beat really slow for cold objects.

We are planning on releasing schematics, code, design documents, planned features, tutorial videos, and much more over the next few days. We want to demo some of our inventions to you the community, we plan on doing a Q & A May 11th 2012. If you have interest in helping us develop you may apply to become a team member at

We have plenty of other things planned and we will keep this community up to date as things happen. We hope to build amazing things with the help of this community and the dedicated people we are already started working with.

Keep Grinding!


  • Wow, the echo location thing sounds amazing.

    Props to you and your ilk. Keep fighting the good fight.
  • Sounds promising.  Please post an update, when you have something available, in your store.

  • As a fellow developer, I highly encourage anyone interested to get involved.  If you don't have any technical knowledge to bring to the table, you can still do things like organization or advocacy.  I hate to make this sound like a commercial, but you can apply at our website.  We have quite a few things both planned and in the works, and we have some release dates already planned.  Get in on the fun!
  • Is this device going to be easily modifiable? It already gets my mind racing, I think an immediate modification I'd like to try out is to replace the infrared sensor with a time keeping device. At noon, midnight and at certain intervals in between you could have it give off a number of buzzes. 
  • @Jackthetripper:  The HELEDD actually can already be used for a similar purpose.  The planned default is to keep time.
  • I just applied and encourage others to do it. 

    @Ian Sorry, if I overdid it but I am filling out other applications and decided to give this one a trial spin. Also how about a Bluetooth connection, get a nice little buzz every time you get a call/text message?
  • For the HELEDD, you mean?  We're already putting Bluetooth in it, actually, but having it react to receiving calls and texts is interesting.
  • Applied also for testing. However, I AM able to pick up programming languages fairly quickly given a small amount of tinkering, and I really want to contribute more: once I see a need or someone pointing me in the right direction I'd like to pick up a skill related to this hobby specifically to contribute to the community.
  • @Sarcose:  The language I'd recommend learning is Arduino.  You can get the microcontroller at most electronics stores (especially Radioshack) or from the Arduino website, and you can get the IDE from the same website.  As for learning it, I strongly recommend this series of tutorial videos (and I'd say that most other Arduino programmers could vouch for me there).

  • interesting, i'm a linux user. i code in C and assembly (if needed). now i'm learning about ARM architecture and i will code a very tiny kernel for pandaboard for my bachelor dissertation .. i don't know anything about arduino yet, but i will..

    am i useful for you? :P
  • @oblique:  you can apply at the website.
  • We have also built as device that interfaces with finger magnet implant allowing one to convert signal from virtually any sensor to an analog sense of intensity.
    I like the sound of this.
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