Static Electricity Generator - implant

OK so the following videos are of 3 Static Electricity Generator for shock any thing you touch the first and second are big in size the third is small but has no power button and all three need better power source . 1.
2. 3. if you have idea's I'd like to hear them. This is supposed to be a implant


  • Well, seeing as how no one else has touched this... I guess I will.

    I've actually made a few different renditions of this device in the past few years. I'll attach a link to some of my earlier projects. They work by charging your body high voltage DC power. In essence, you have a ground wire running to a plate at the bottom of your shoe, and an electrode that connects your body to the HV source. The desired effect is only achieved when you are standing on a well-grounded surface, and touch another grounded object as it's only then that you are able to complete the DC circuit.

    As far as making this an implant... That would be a very complicated task that I feel is rather out of the question at the moment.

    The only way I could see this working would be to implant the main transformer and power source somewhere within your body, (I won't bother discussing the hassles of powering implants here). You would also need a bio safe insulated wire run down to the sole of your foot to function as the ground... Which brings us to the least practical part of this concept. I'd imagine you'd have to remove the tissue on the bottom of your feet and replace it with some grafted silicone-esque sort of material. Unless you could replace the tissue with an insulating layer, the entire concept would fail. Maybe I just haven't been on here as much as I should, but I don't know that we have a non-conductive material that grafts well to human tissue....

    This all just to say, it's not worth it. Fun to imagine, and fun to mentally work out how it could potentially be done, but in the end, not worth it, and not feasible.

    Hope this helps.

    One of my projects from 3 years ago.

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    While it's still a major surgery & hurdle to replace even part of the sole of your foot, look up chironex's chitosen coating experiment. It has potential for all kinds of applications, and could be used for the grounding interface @ the skin.

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