best wearables?

i was thinking about the normal wearables that you think of when you hear the word (heart rate, temperature, etc.) and i was curious if there were any anyone's found/thought up recently. if not already in existence, then what are your current ideas for the next wearables?


  • I was thinking about how hot it is right now, and that it would be cool to make a UV radiation exposure meter to keep track of solar damage. I'm imagining a photodetector with a UV filter over the top, calibrated for solar damage. After reaching certain thresholds of radiation, the device would chime about the danger levels. The device could be calibrated to the user, and have standard tolerances built in for the average human. It would be pretty handy out here in the South; its 40 C outside right now and can pose a pretty bad danger while working outside. Might even be a sellable device, especially if connected to a fitbit.

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