Something to make me want to exercise?

Hey, I was wondering if you knew of anything that safely makes me want to get up and move? Nothing that raises my body temperature, or otherwise causes too much harm. I just want the energy and motivation. thank you!


  • This might be on the less glamorous or extreme side. Just try a good vitamin D3 suppliment, and see if anything happens. >3<

    It does make myself a bit more optimistic and happy. May make you feel more able or make it more appealing. ^^
  • I think mental tricks might work better than chemical tricks, here, unless there is some underlying issue like depression that needs to be treated.

    For instance, find something you really WANT to do, then don't allow yourself to do it until after you've exercised. If your goal is more strength than weight loss, reward yourself with food, maybe?
  • I'll try vitamin d3 thanks mate!
  • Look up a weight loss clinic in your area. This is a code name for phentermine. It's a pretty good stimulant.
  • Also, they tend to be very inexpensive if that's an issue. They'll also recommend things like b12 shots which also contribute to feeling energetic.
  • Be very careful with B3 (aka niacin). If you are not accustomed to it you will get a full body flush that burns, itches, and stings all at the same time. This misery will last several hours and you will never want to take it again. You need to look up a good small starter dose.

  • I don't know your age, but you can always ask your doctor about starting trt. If you're 35+ it's pretty much a guarantee your test is low enough for trt to improve your quality of life

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    I'd recommend looking into what's called a commitment contract. Basically you make a deal with someone you trust to penalize you when you don't do something. The penalty should be worse than the activity so that the short term consequences will force you to do the thing you dislike.

    You can automate it by having a heart rate monitor link up to a program that will donate some of your money to a cause you hate if you don't reach your THR at least once a day

  • I am 71 and I had the same problem. I got a good trainer and it was a torture at first. After about 3 weeks when you start feeling better, you do not want to go back and be without exercise.

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