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I just ordered my Aerodrums today—the same day that I discovered that they existed. I'm super excited; my e-kit was starting to drive me up the wall, and it's been nigh-impossible to jam with friends in college until now. Brilliant product.

I had a thought though for an additional future product—Aerodrums could easily be combined with haptic feedback technology to create a novel interface for teaching drums. You've already got the Aered system, so you could add haptic ankle/wristbands that are programmed to vibrate according to the notes entered into the Aered musical notation.

There have already been some interesting studies showing that haptic impulses can help teach people to play complex polyrhythms, even without the user having to pay attention! I can only imagine what a dedicated haptic training program based on the Aerodrum/Aered platform would be capable of:

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Branding Motion Graphics Example


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  • @Aeternaeon We attempted verification and now it is being dealt with by our awesome admins.

  • Wonder if this could be related to that breach awhile back.
  • it's a bit semi-offtopic but it appears to be a legit post or at least the idea behind it is pretty decent. For those who skipped the text/links refered to it's about teaching coordination and rythm with haptic feedback. So yeah, can be counted as wearable/haptics. Not even a bad idea to be honest. Even if it doesn't make clear what the person wants us to help with.

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