Building a mammalian cell culture lab

Thought some of you might be interested in the build progress on the new lab. We're getting setup for mammalian cell work, so expect lots of that stuff in the near future.


  • Great vid! Only thing I am confused about is why there was elmers school glue on the shelf.

  • that's for supercapacitor stuff lol. Unrelated to cell culture

  • Ah ok, just caught my eye haha.

  • I noticed the video was taken down and was wondering if there was a new link for the video.

  • It is probably because of the ascendance biomedical incident.
  • edited July 2018

    It's true. Between the Vice news segment where I laugh at Aaron a lot, coupled with him dying 3 days later,... it put a damper on our enthusiasm about that video.

    We have all the hardware back, plus some new stuff. We're just being a bit more quiet now.

    If anyone is interested in the current inventory list, I can make that available. It's about as close to the bone as you can get for mammalian culture work.

  • Sounds very interesting @chironex when/if you upload it again id love to give it a watch.

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