Whatever happened to the community goals

I was looking at 2016's community goals and then realized I haven't seen any new ones it's a little late for 2017 but almost time for 2018's I thought they were a positive influence, and that we should keep doing them.


  • ... >3< Lead by example is the best goal to set.

    2017 seems to have been an uncharacteristically shitty year. I have not been able to do nearly as much as I would have loved to with this community and the projects going on. v-v

    I wish to do more. I do. I will try to dedicate more effort here if my body and mind let me. <3

  • chip in 120k euro in my budget and i'll be able to work 3 days a week on developing electronics for implants again.

  • If I had any skills in this field I would dedicate a lot of time because I set my own schedule. The most I can offer is my body to implant new tech for research. I don't know how else I could be more involved.
  • Semilovr12.. we all started somewhere. Some of the smartest people I know never finished high school and I know some PhD yielding idiots. One of the coolest resources I've found is all the free online college courses. They're amazing!
    So at one point me and a couple of other people did one of the online courses on cellular biology. It wasn't a great one to be honest. We were talking about writing up a basic biology for biohackers course but just got busy with other stuff. But the resources are there! MIT has a ton available and if you were willing to organize it I bet you could get a study group for grinders going. I've always wanted to do something like this but lack the time and energy.
  • There are courses specifically about designing and building biomedical implants.
  • I'd join a study group @Cassox @Semilovr12

  • @tasty said:
    I'd join a study group @Cassox @Semilovr12

    Anygood ones on at the moment?

  • @tasty said:
    I'd join a study group @Cassox @Semilovr12

    Me too.

  • @Grincushion a study group just started over on the Slack: https://bhme-slack.herokuapp.com/
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