my NFC Implant

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First sorry for some mistakes, speaking is easier then writing ;) I try to translate my german story to English. Hopefully this is so okay.

I heard about the nfc chips some time ago (must be 2016) , but I thought first, it wouldn’t be possible for private persons.

To find out, what my friends on facebook think about this technology, I posted a article from a newspaper about 32M. Many of my friends freaked out. Some comments were, that the chips can kill you, I should watch the movie: „Belko Experiment“ Or that the chips have GPS. I was sitting in front of my computer and start laughing. Why couldn’t the believe, that you need a battery for GPS - write them very often. „turn GPS on your smartphone on and go geocaching or play pokemon go and watch your battery sign“
Interesting was, that in my friends list no one friends something about the „mark of the beast“ I think I can freak the more, because the last digits of my mobile phone number are 666.

I got my chip about 3 month ago. It wasn’t so easy so find a piercing studio in Vienna, but I made it. The owner mailed me, that he had the chips in stock and I can come every day during the opening hours. So I decided to travel to Vienna on the 8th of August. I was working on this day until 12 o’clock, so I can hop on the train at 12:41 pm. The rest of the week I will work in the afternoon. On Saturday the 5th my boss asked - one of my colleagues got sick, and if it was possible to work for me the whole day (8th of August)
So on Monday (7th of August) I worked only until 2 pm and travel on this day to Vienna. I was a bit excited. It was so interesting to watch. I didn’t feel much, for me it was like: „Thats it“
There was no swelling - nothing it was perfect.
At the weekend before I try to learn how to use the app nfc tools. First i bought the pro version to save the records. Writing the first time on the chip was really cool.

So I decided not post on facebook - after two mont I made a post on facebook - one of my friends deleted my directly - she writes it under the post. She was also one of the persons who freaked out about this chips. My friends list got a bit smaller on this day - I think tow deleted me.

Sorry I don’t have a video or pictures from the implantation. One of my best friends is too far away, I think she is the only a person who would be able to make videos or pictures.
Some of the others which I can trust - couldn’t look and they will pass out.
My boyfriend lives also far away about 1000 kilometres in Germany. I decided to tell him the story, when he was visiting me again - this would be in the end of September. The amazing thing is - he is reading many newspapers and he never heard about this technology. He wouldn’t get a chip at the moment - but if it is possible to pay with them, he would say „yes“

At the moment I can only unlock my phone and sharing my contact information. I started also a App on my phone - it was just for fun :)

My dream is tu unlock my car. (Hyundai ix20) I can’t buy a lock for our door. Our maindoor includes also a garage (you can open the garage or only the door) and from outside the door will be hidden by snow and rain,…

Next year I will get a magnet - I found also someone, and I should contact him, when i got my holiday plans. I think the best way is to get the magnet on the first or second day on my 2 week holiday.

Greetings from Austria


  • Welcome to the forums @Sandra and thank you for the story. I'm glad you had a positive experience with your first implant.

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