What is the safest type of magnet implant?

Haworth, dangerousthings, cyberise.me, something else?
is TiD or silicon better?


  • There are advantages and disadvantages to each.
    The advantage of Haworth magnets is that they're available while no one else keeps a reliable stock, at least when this comment was written. The disadvantage of the Haworth magnets is that they use a bulky coating in comparison to models designed by grinders. Steve Haworth is a body-mod expert.
    The m31, from Dangerous Things, had a strong, thin coating developed by a team of grinders but the process hasn't been sustainable so they aren't currently available. Until the safety aspect is increased, Amal, the owner of Dangerous Things, will not offer the magnets.
    Cyberise.me doesn't currently offer a magnet.
    Samppa Von Cyborg offers a magnet but details are sparse. Anecdotal reports are positive.

  • Ok so once dangerous things m31 magnets become available again, they will probably the safest and best?

  • If Amal is willing to put his name on them, they'll be top-notch.

  • At the moment the Haworth magnets are the safest. The silicone used is super heavy duty, and is designed to hold up to just about anything. The downside is that the slightly thicker coating makes them a tiny bit weaker by comparison. In my opinion the tiny strength loss is worth having a coating that will take a beating.
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