Contactless Debt Card on a NFC Implant

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I was thinking if it would be possible with the new contactless cards that are really popular in the UK if there was a way to programme my NFC implant to work as a contactless card and thus eliminate me use for a wallet seeing as they both work on 13.56MHz


  • Have you made any progress on this?
    I would be interested in hearing what you found out.
    What implant are you using?

  • Contactless payments on implanted chips will not currently work, and likely won't work a while. There's a post on the Dangerous Things forum explaining why:
  • Just watched the Venmo buzzfeed piece and I'm also still looking for a way to pay with my hand. Has anyone got any closer?

  • How hard is it to take the electronics out of a debit card?
  • @Superman said:
    How hard is it to take the electronics out of a debit card?

    Super hard without damaging the chip or the wiring to it

  • the electronics is just the a tiny chip, usually wired to the contact pads and the antenna (if any, most modern have one). While you can easily dissolve the card chemically you'r left with basically a blob of epoxy and a very thin wire. The bad part is many cards come with anti-temper mechanisms. Changing the physical properties of the coil may already be enough to trigger those. It's not impossible to do, but not exactly easy when the chip in the card is trying to work against you.

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