Is talent inherited?

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According to Lamarck any characteristic that any person has is inherited by their parents. I was wondering what everyone thought about talent. Is it inherited or does a person have to learn to do something on their own?
I really would like some input on this topic because I am having trouble starting my research paper.. any help would be greatly appreciated..


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  • Lamarckian genetics (giraffes have long necks because parents who stretch their necks birth children with longer necks) has been widely discounted. It's not quite that simple (epigenetics), but it's still mostly wrong.

    This might come down to nature vs nurture? Parents who like a thing have children who are exposed to it earlier and thus are more likely to learn to like it too?

    Some talents have a genetic basis, of course (athletic ability, etc), but that's not Lamarckian, and it's not directly passing down interests or knowledge.
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