Why is hair loss genetic?

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This is something I never understood. I see some people who have balding heads yet every trace back in their family, they kept their hair. Then you have people with balding parents on both sides and they keep their hair well into their 60's before they even notice any loss. I feel like it depends on if you eat for your genes or not. Like if we eat how are ancestors ate, we wouldn't be losing hair.

So why is hair loss based on nothing other than genetics in 80% of cases?


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  • In the instances you mention where hair loss patterns don't match family history, are you absolutely certain about paternity? Have there been genetic tests to confirm paternity?

    Also, genetics are complicated and traits can be recessive and come from both parents. Hair loss is likely caused by many genetic traits, or we'd already be hearing about concrete plans to cure it with crispr.

    Diet may play a small part, but there is no magic ancestral diet to solve health problems related to aging: problems that happen after procreation don't get selected against evolutionarily the same way. Even if we evolved for one perfect diet (we didn't: our ancestors were very adaptable and opportunistic), that diet only needed to function perfectly until surviving children were successfully birthed.
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