Smart tooth

My name is Cormac and I just joined. I’m very interested in cybernetic augmentation and hope to get some work done some day.

I got this idea because I have a dental crown which seems like it has potential beyond just being a fake tooth, so I am interested in getting it replaced with a smart tooth. Does anyone remember tooth tunes those toothbrushes that play music through vibrations. They contain a Denta-mandibular sound-transmitting system. I would like to get that technology implemented in my mouth plus Bluetooth so I could connect to my phone and play music or listen to the radio without anyone knowing. I could see this idea having a lot of use by government agencies and the military. It could also be very useful for clandestine service since people could receive commands without anyone knowing and if a mic was also implanted somewhere it could work as a wire that’s way harder to detect. This could also be useful for musicians since they wouldn’t have to wear a monitor to hear how they are sounding. It could even be useful for people giving speeches because they could be listening to the speech as they give it so that they don’t forget anything or speak to fast or slow. I would love any resources on this idea or similar ones and it would be a dream come true if someone could help me make it happen.


  • I don't have resources for you, but I was talking earlier today to a professor I know who is using RFID chips implanted in teeth to detect the amount of stress hormones in a person's body, by using their toothbrush as a reader/charger.

  • Sorry I’m realizing I didn’t really provide any information for you about anything. The type of thing you’re talking about is somewhat not feasible currently. The reason for this mainly: think about how quickly Bluetooth drains your phone battery, then think about how big the battery in you’re phone is (spoiler alert, not small) then think about how small a battery that could fit into your tooth would be. So the idea is technologically not sound (pun not intended).

    Also musicians wear monitors also to block out noise as well for what it’s worth. (Not the point, I know)
  • This would be a very simple project. You just need a magnet within a biocompatible shell. It would vibrate in the presence of a magnetic field. Implant it in the tooth.
  • Does anyone know anybody or group who has the resources and skills required to pull this off?
    I'd also like any more resources such as examples of similar projects being successful.

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