I've been trying to find a lidocaine source recently (by the bottle, not the plastic vials like and dangerous things) and had just about 0 success. Anyone care to point me in the right direction? Or is this just the current state of things?


  • Just search "bulk lidocaine hcl" i saw a couple sites that seemed pretty legit about 100-150 a kilogram. I have also seen it for sale on the dark web

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    I would NOT recommend buying the bulk powder you see listed when you search for bulk. I almost bought some of that until I did more digging and found that almost every one of those are scam sites. If they send you something at all it probably wont be lidocaine.
    I would trust the dark web more but you still dont know what youre gonna get.
    I have spent a long time researching and trying to find a supplier of lidocaine. Its not an easy thing to do. I got lucky and had a friend in the medical industry give me a bottle but thats not always an option.
    Cyberise has been out for a while now but the lidocaine sold at Dangerous things is legit. It may be expensive and one use only but it gets the job done safely. If youre really interested in a bottle maybe you can ask Amal who his supplier is. Just know that it doesnt have a terribly long expiration date so if you dont have a lot of uses you may not even use it all.

  • @Beano thanks I appreciate the advice. Probably likely I'll just stick to the one use kits then.

  • rupharma sells it for a dollar for a pack of vials

  • @chironex Thanks a lot! That's basically perfect for what I needed, I appreciate it.

  • no problem

  • @chironex Do they ship to the US without a prescription or any issues? If so thats amazing. I swear I was looking for so long for a trustworthy source.

  • yup. That's where we got our cerebrolysin. If you look around they've got pretty good reviews

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