Building a gene gun for less than $100 american schmeckles

For those who aren't famailiar with genetic engineering, getting DNA into things can be kinda fiddely. By far the easiest way to do it, is with a gene gun. Gene guns are great but buying one new from biorad will run you the small fortune of $35000. But they're basically just tiny airsoft rifles, so we figured it was better to build one. The cost of the build worked out to less then $100 and it was super easy to do.

Here's a link to the video going over the build:


  • Reducing costs to 1/350th?

    We love you, @chironex. >3< Nice.

  • Can't take all the credit haha. This project was glims idea and we worked together on it, hence this being on the scihouse channel.

  • @glims we love you too. >3<

    I think it's fair to say we love everyone here. Could start shooting out names but don't want to leave people out. %3%

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