New guy here. Been lurking for too long, figured it was time...

Names Danny. Hello everyone. Been poking in and out at random for awhile now checking progress on the magnet implants mostly, I want one so bad. Though I'm a relatively learned individual and have decided on certain types I will not be using. Which is basically what's available at present.
Hopefully on of you awesome folks will fix the coatings issue that has been plaguing all of us, and I can get in on some of this grinding action. After the magnet as of right now I wouldn't really want anything else as there isn't a whole lot of things out that interest me. Who knows though, maybe I'll get the bug and go grind happy!


  • Hello! I was the same way. When I started I only wanted a magnet and had no interest in anything else. Now i love it so much I'm getting another for my other hand. I caught the bug and now I want a firefly and I keep trying to figure out what I would be able to do with an NFC! I kinda want to get one even though I have literally no need or use for it.

  • I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about an NFC chip but I just got one anyway cause "Oh why not it might be cool" and I have to be honest after getting it I just want to keep going. It will hit you once you have something in.

  • @pumpdatbass @Beano @aidoneus if u can get this device then the problem is solved the magnets used in this device are approved by FDA for implant

  • @ranjanabhishek089 If you don't mind my asking, why are you so excited about these magnets specifically? There are other sources/community members who have good implant solutions available right now.

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