Tragus Implants

Hi all! I'm a long time lurker here, relatively new to biohacking. Have an xNT from DT and will be ordering Vivokey they day it becomes available.

I'm very interested in Tragus Implants, particularly for extending my senses; that is hooking up a geiger counter, thermal sensor, or the like in order to 'sense' something otherwise inaccessible to humans.

I understand that they are not simple or standard in any way, as such I'm asking if anyone can provide resources to guide me in the process. In particular, how can I aquire the implants, who could perform the procedure, and what can I resonably expect afterwards.

Thanks all!


  • I love the idea of a geiger counter. Are tragus subdermal because how would that work for detecting anything but gamma?

  • This article was written by Rich Lee, who was the first (I think) to do this. Yes, they are subdermal, and they vibrate (producing sound) in response to an inductive coil worn around the neck. Basically you must have an external device to create the signal which they then amplify.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of this!

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