LibrePlanet 2018| Freedom: Embedded

Libreplanet's coming up again next march over by Boston, and this year's focus sounds absolutely perfect! It might make for a great opportunity to present specifically on the OSS nature of the type of work we tend to do, and how OSS enables citizen scientists and DIY Augmenters to do groundbreaking work without the budget and clout of the corporate, proprietary bests. I doubt I'm the only one who sees OSS as not just important but Vital to the survival and success of, well, anyone who wants to let technology improve their lives without having to give the tech giants full reign :) It's important we break the grounds for citizen-level self augmentation first, else we've got the likes of Zucks and whoever runs Alphabet or whatever it's called now calling all the shots.

Call for proposals is open till November 2nd, so I encourage anyone who might have something to say on the topic of Libre Development as it intersects with DIY augmentation to submit something!

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