• Is it being streamed?

  • It seems to

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    Sounds like it'll be made available online shortly after this conference, too! >:) Excellent

  • Has anyone here bought one of the ODIN kits? I've alway held back from playing with genetics.. but damn. After sharing a room with Meow and Ishii at Defcon I've got the itch.

  • Same >:) and the Odin just released a lot of fun stuff! Kinda surprised I haven't seen it posted yet actually. Hrm, gonna go fix that...

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    did anyone watch the live conference two days ago?

  • Was this live conference ever made available online yet for people who missed it?

    Has anyone here experimented with the other products available from The ODIN site?

    Specifically, I'm interested in the glowing bacteria but haven't spent the money to buy it yet. I have petri dishes but would need the bacteria and the special media.

    It doesn't seem like a lot of money but I would want to be pretty sure I could multiply it and keep it alive. I have the tools and experience to keep everything sterile but the temperature limit of 30 degrees C. could be a bit of a problem although probably not this time of year.

    If I did order this, I would buy the right media at the same time but would be real interested in knowing if some kind of homemade (easily and locally available) media would work for growing this bacteria. I've accidentally grown lots of bacteria and fungus while doing plant tissue culture but never tried to purposely grow E. coli.

  • E. coli is incredibly easy to work with, and so long as you prepared your media properly and under sterile conditions (are you adding antibiotics?) I think that would be fine!

  • Thanks. I wasn't going to use any antibiotics but for another $5 it might be worth using to help insure the culture stays clean.

    Looking at a review of the LB powdered media, it sounds like bouillon media could work as a homemade media but I would still want the right media before experimenting with DIY versions.

    This would be mainly a cool "toy" and I still want to try growing it someday but I can't think of any real use for this because the 30 degree C. limit for the glowing property is less than normal body temperature.

  • I'd like to second the request for the conference for those who weren't there if it has been recorded and saved anywhere.

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