Is removal of a parylene coating possible?

I've found some NFC or RFID compatable chips online that are safe to implant however they are coated in parylene. Is it possible to remove the coating? Also I will double check how safe they are when they arrive as I bought spares for testing and working out which connection system they work with.


    1. why would you want to remove the coating? 2. I don't think so, when you research paraylene you find the things coated in paraylene go through cvd(chemical vapor deposition) which grows the coating on top of the substrate and effectively binds the paraylene to the substrate. So dissolving it is not so easy, but you could always try to sand it off
  • So it's easier to remove if it all goes wrong as it's bioglass underneath. Okay, I'll probably leave it on as sanding would leave pits for bacteria and nasty stuff.

  • I'm sure there's a form of acid that will dissolve Parylene and leave glass untouched... Or maybe heat? ^^ Ideas.

  • Superman, have you tried contacting the seller to see if they'll sell you ones that haven't been coated yet?

  • I'll look into acid and see if there are any that would do it. I didn't but that should have been an obvious solution.

  • Tetrahydrofuran will remove Parylene.

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    @cassox can you then evaporate the tetrahydrofuran to obtain just the parylene

  • Well, I haven't done it myself. I was reading about it here:
    I haven't worked with it myself so I couldn't really give you any more info.

  • Thanks for the answers guys.

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