My Probable Implant Rejection Story

Hello Everyone.

I am an impatient bastard. I did not know of this forum, and I suppose that's from lack of searching the web. I watched a few videos and read some articles and said fuck it, I'll put one in. This being said I have attempted implanting a magnet once before. First time was a gold coated magnet. I did nothing more than look it over for pits, and stick it in my finger. I assure you the implant procedure was performed with surgical perfection. Rejection was due to aftercare... I coated the wound in Neosporin and covered with a band-aid every day. Apparently the wound became water logged and never healed right. First magnet popped out, so same day, same wound I dug the tunnel again and pushed a new magnet down in. The First time I thought it rejected because I put the magnet too close to the cut, and didn't stitch. So second time I dug the tunnel further and stitched it up. No Anesthesia which sucked. Like I said I didn't realize there was a forum filled with knowledge, and the second one rejected too, stitches were good but I was playing with it too much and it worked its way out. I said I'm not doing it again without anesthesia. So I did some research and found that a Parylene coating was better than gold, so I ordered 30 of them and some Lidocaine. I looked over the magnets and did a few physical tests and put one in an acid bath for a few days and was satisfied so I put one in.

Implanting a magnet into a finger to gain sensory perception to me is an upgrade. However many intelligent people think its stupid, like scarification, implanting silicone shapes, tattoos, or even piercing. Why open the body to infection, and risk losing an appendage or cause unsightly deformations? I'm not going to answer those questions. Seeing as I have put a magnet from SuperMagnetMan coated in Parylene in my left index finger you know which side I'm on. I have agreed to document my implant over the next few months (perhaps more) to show what a failure looks like. Maintaining anonymity the community suggests that this implant will almost certainly result in failure. Which I agree with lol. I'm hoping it doesn't, but in the spirit of science and adventure I will document my experiment. Wooohoo this is exciting. Ill be posting a video of my implant procedure (minus sound, thanks to my singing and breathing noises) and photos for your enjoyment. I sure hope I don't lose my finger, wish me luck :)


  • edited September 11 I know i breached the sterile field a few times... I dont care, and halfway through the first stitches the magnet popped out, so I had to clip them and do it again, no worries I was the only one who suffered!

  • Isn't that your ring finger?
    How long did that subcutaneous lidocaine injection work for?

  • I actually did a nerve block before the video, but since I waited like 30 mins I decided to cut that part. The nerve block lasted about an hour or so but the injection at the implant site lasted for a good two hours, I was starting to worry... but I can tell you for sure I have full feeling. Also yes it's my ring finger.

  • That makes sense. I was wondering why the base of your finger was so swollen. I won't be overly critical by stating the obvious, but it wouldn't surprise me if you damaged the coating when pushing it into place.

  • actii, time will tell, its a legit observation thanks for watching the video, ill tell ya tho I really scrubbed on the coating of several other magnets with steel wool and tried to scratch them with a sharp knife and i was very surprised at how hard and resilient it was. My concern now as far as my magnet implant and rejection goes is, the fidelity of the coating. If there was imperfections in the process or end result. I have a good feeling tho. We will see

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    It's worth noting that if they're the same ones super magnet man was doing when I bought em, neodymium is more or less the same colour as the parylene coating so it might be hard to tell when you've cut through the coating you're intentionally damaging.

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    I have attached two pics, as you can see my batch from SMM compared to a raw neodymium magnet it is very clear the color difference. The magnets I received are very grey almost ceramic looking. I have to note tho that my test magnet that I have had in a saline solution for about 6 days now is starting to show some gold coloration. I have contacted SMM asking about their coating process and if they had any sub coating. First I was told that their shitty coating process was proprietary. Either they have no idea or they think they are better than they are. After I told them that I put one of their shitty magnets in my finger and that their website says they are "great for medical applications" they told me there is nothing between the paralyne coating and the neodymium. So whatever gold coloration I am seeing in the saline solution is a reaction, or as I said "super" magnet man has no fucking clue what hes doing. hahaha

  • The human body is much more harsh of an environment than saline. Please be sure to document the rejection. Not sure what they mean by 'great for medical applications' but I doubt putting a magnet in your finger is one, or that they even mean implant grade at all..

    Maybe it isn't too late to get in on the new resin ones cassox is working on, they look super promising. I know i would if my m31 wasn't still holding up

  • stitches are coming out, wound is healing nicely, and no sign of rejection....YET! My test magnets, look ok. one has some yellow coloration on one of the edges (been almost a week)

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