xNT help?

Just got an xNT from dangerous things implanted in my right hand (and only a week after my xEM implant! yay!)
but I cant get a read on it. According to a forum post I read my nexus 6p cant read it, which is fine, but I have a pn532 board (same as the one dangerous things sells; small red square reader hooked up to arduino over SPI interface).
I might be using the wrong sketch (?) i'm using one called "iso14443a_uid". I can tell the reader it's self is working; I used a dangerous things diagnostic card and 3 mifare tags to test it. The diagnostic card lights up and the 3 tags it read were my bus pass, an amiibo, and my old student ID. It's definitely not the implant job either. It's closer to the surface than my xEm, I can visably see it bulge against my skin and poke it around and what not. Its been over 24 hours since implantation and the swelling has gone down enough that I feel safe factoring it out.

 If anyone has advice or knowledge that would be great. Sorry if this post is longer that it needs to be, I just wanted to be specific to help narrow things down. 


  • Did you check the chip before hand it might have been a dud

  • No, i didn't have a chance to check it before hand. I didn't want to risk contamination so it went straight from the injector into my hand. What are the chances it's a dud? I was led to believe dangerous things was a reputable company that quality checks all their products, I mean, i expect quality out of a $100 tag.

  • okay. I think I found the problem after some more perusing around on the dangerous things forum. My pn532 is almost definitely a knock off (bought it cheap on amazon)
    should be able to read it with a better reader. Here is the post I found:
    I will eventually be upgrading my phone too, so that should make things easier.

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