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Hey guys, I dont mean to create a frenzy, but I ordered these magnets coated in parylene and have had success. I ordered 3 of them and inspected each under a microscope and put them through some physical tests and they are very sturdy. I cant vouge for future batches of course but I have had success is all I can say.


  • A lot of people have trialed these and they almost without exception fail. Try soaking them in saline for a few weeks.


    These were from the same supplier, the ones I received had major surface flaws, and the edges had no coating at all. It probably varies batch to batch but definitely do thorough testing

  • Yes, I grabbed 10 of these myself and every single one failed my tests. Also grabbed 25 of the 1x3mm and all of them were bust too. Be careful!

  • Supermagnetman hasn't ever been an ideal candidate for supplying bio compatible magnets. C_C

    It's not too say their magnets are like, bad. But they aren't manufactured with biocompatability in mind. We're the rare customers with atypical, unique needs. ._.

  • Lol Well I guess I'll be the test subject. I looked at the magnet under a microscope at 200x and examined all the surfaces, they were fully coated. The magnets I have look nothing at all like the photos Misslitty showed... these look more on the ceramic side. I also put them through a pretty hardcore steel wool, and hammer test. I was able to scratch the coating a bit with the steel wool but I had to use WAY more physical effort than it could possibly undergo to it under my skin. I was surprised how much hammering they took before I broke one, I literally could not break them laying flat, had to have it up on its side. I did an acid test. (acid was only for 2 days) and they still held their coating. Im not all that worried about it. I have already had 2 magnets reject with gold coating, so Im not all that squeemish about opening up my finger. I'll let you know how its turns out.

  • Please see the above image. These are all parylene coated magnets from SMM. Dude, you aren't going to be "the test subject." It's been tested and failed. You're intentionally doing something foolish. At this point, we, as a community.. have tested hundreds of these things and it's going to fail. Few people in the community care about something failing. We stick shit in and take it out all of the time.. but any insertion comes with a risk. It's part of the grinder ethos to weigh out risk vs. benefit.
    I seldom ever tear into people on the forums. I believe in educating people. In this case however, you are refusing to learn. Being ignorant is ok.. we're all ignorant. Ignorance is nothing more then not knowing something. Stupidity is NOT ok. Stupidity is doing something like this despite all the evidence and data presented to you. If you want to get in on the resin magnets or something let me know.. but seriously.. don't be stupid please.

    And if you're really still going to do this.. just put one in fucking saline for three weeks so you can watch what it's going to do in your body ok? Not acid. Not bullshit. Simply fucking saline.

  • Ok, to vet what I said above. I'm not trying to be dick. I'm not saying I think you're stupid. What I'm saying is that if you do this, it will be stupid. The reason I'm trying to convince you not to is that anytime there's a serious bad outcome it's a threat to the entire community. I doubt you'll lose your finger or anything like that... but I sure as fuck think we need to be totally intolerant of this kind of thing.
    Someone suggested something at one point like injecting high concentration capsaicin or something. I thought it was interesting despite how stupid it sounds. If I remember correctly the guy found some interesting reasons why he thought it was going to do whatever.. but he kept researching until he learned about the neurological damage that was likely going to happen and decided against it. Be like dude. Do your homework.

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    ok, its in now, and until I get another one then this one will stay. If you care so much direct me to where I can obtain a Cassox approved magnet and ill exchange it. Magnet in finger is my end goal. Also per your suggestion cassox, I stuck one in saline, perhaps it'll scare me into taking it out.

  • Also based on your articles you wrote on the topic, even some weakness in the coating doesn't guarantee rejection or poisoning.

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