Keloids and Alpha-MSH (AKA Melanotan)

Dear all, I am a Melanotan user since 2007. In February 2016 I took a little surgery to remove 2 moles on my chest, (just aesthetic), After that it get worst as i get 2 big keloids scar. Last year I just hit a very low cycle of Melanotan. This year, I have done a great amount cycle and i have notice that the keloids scars have reduced more than a 40%, a great noticeable difference. I was reading yesterday at pubmed if there were any article that could link Fibroblast grow and alpha-MSH and WoW !!. 3 articles studied this possibility. Now the question is that I am gonna try (next weeks) to inject it directly into the scar or the surrounding area, just to check the results, I would let you know. Any suggestion will be very appreciate

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