Reimplementation after removal (M31)

Hey, so in the summer of 2015, I put the m31in my ring finger. Fast forward to Feb. 2016, I was doing pull ups and that cause a lot of inflammation and swelling in my finger. I decided to remove it. I decided to keep the magnet in a vial with isopropanol. The vial has been sitting on my desk for the past year and a half or so. I have not removed the magnet. The magnet is intact and the TiN coating looks intact. Would you say it's safe to put the magnet back in my finger?


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    Test it out! :D

    Mix up some salty salt water and leave it in there for a few days. Agitate it once in a while. Look for any rusting or corrosion under a microscope.

    If you can frag it in a week with salt water and mild agitation, the answer to that question is DEFINITELY no. >3<

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