List of currently used medical implants

Hey, I was thinking we should look into all of the currently utilized/approved implants. Familiarity would kind of give us a what can/can't be done without much innovation. I'm really most interested in class III stuff. The FDA has some kind of registration search, but I can't access it at work. (

Breast implants
Shunts (like CSF shunts)
Cochlear implants
Drug eluting implants (like birth control)
Orthopedic implants (artificial hip, bone screws etc)
Soft tissue repair implants (like hernia repair mesh)
Intraoccular Lens implants
Dermal Fillers
Vagus Nerve stimulators

What else?

Anyhow.. I've been looking at the free online college courses regarding implant design etc. I hope to some day have the time and energy. It might be cool to pick out a few implants and tear them apart. I mean, we could try to get all the data we can.. look at the patent.. determine all the details such as what kind of battery, what kinds of coatings, what the output looks like etc. If we could actually get ahold of one to break too..
Not that we really need more things to do but I'd definitely be interested.


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    Valve replacements, longer term catheters like PICCs, electrode arrays, biodegradable implants as a whole too. Also nearly any of these can be considered combination devices by incorporating a drug. I don't know what duration you're considering, but there are going to be probably millions of different implants.

    We actually did something just like this in a Biomaterials course, where we chose a commonly used biomedical device and showed how it could be improved. If I can find my paper I'll post it here.

    Edit: It's long and dry but here's that paper

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    Doing some research for myself concerning tubes. I’ve found reading through pages on this list helpful.

    Copy and paste that. It didn’t properly hyperlink the whole thing and I don’t know how to fix it from the mobile site.

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