*HELP NEEDED* inability to read tag

Last night a coworker helped me implant an xEm tag I bought from dangerous things. We work at a plasma center so aseptic procedure was followed and she has plenty of phlebotomy experience. I explained the importance of it being parallel to the index metacarpal bone as well as the spot it should rest and to inject at the same time as its removed to assure it lands in the needle pocket and does not force its way into unpenetrated tissue. The procedure went well with no noticeable pain or discomfort and she wrapped me up with self adhesive wrap and gauze. About an hour later when I was home I decided to unwrap it and try it out and I couldn't get a read on it with my phone or my cheap pn532 reader. I'm panicking a bit as I can't tell if its inserted too deep, or even where it is! I can get a general idea of where it is as its a bit sore when I try to poke at it, but I can't see it bulging under my skin or find its outline when probing with the index finger of my opposite hand. I can't really tell if there is swelling blocking it as I can't see any visible swelling, but I can't image its too deep as its not painful and there is no restriction of movement. I have tried shining a bright light through the skin of my hand to see if I could get an outline, but that spot on the hand is too thick.

 It hasn't been more than 24 hours yet so i'm really hoping it's just internal swelling or something, but if it is too deep i'm wondering what I can do.


  • I'm pretty sure the issue is your reader. The xEM is a low frequency (LF) rfid tag, which means it works in the 125 kHz range, while your phone and the pn532 readers are NFC devices, which use the high frequency (HF) 13.55MHz range.

    I haven't done anything with LF as I have the xNT and am hopefully getting a DESFire (both HF), but you can google a LF reader. I think the proxmark3 would work, but that's definitely overkill.

  • thank you so much! I've been paranoid all day so hearing that helps a lot!

  • I just got a 125 khz reader and my implant is working great! Swelling was definitely present as I can now find a faint outline. Sadly my implant isn't exactly in the best position possible (good distance from index metacarpal, but at a slight angle and a bit higher than I wanted), but there is no pain and everything is going swell. Debating using prenatal vitamins to speed up collagen encapsulation. Will add my experiences to the collective implant spreadsheet later.

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