Build my stack!

I am looking into getting into nootropics. I work long days at a startup so my needs include: focus, memory, creativity, cognitive ability. I can allocate about $100 a month to this project. I am very open to self-experimentation so feel free to get crazy. Thanks for the input!


  • 1) Where do you live, noontropics legality are very different , especially if you what to buy basic chemicals and build your own stack.

    2) For a $100 is difficult to say , you would have to buy different chemicals and see what works for you.

    3) You should add medical condition you have , noontropics side effects can be problematic.

    4) This is a more specialized forum you can ask.

    5) My best advice to you is to look up a good online store like : and look to description and see what could work for you best. And we can double check it for you, and help in the case of problems.

  • Vitamin D3, 2000 iu, x1/day
    Flaxseed oil, 1000mg, x1/day

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