NFC activated momentary 12V switch (help me)

Howdy guys and girls,

I'm looking to wire in a kill switch to my motorbike, and the safest option I can think of is an NFC activated switch on the starter relay trigger circuit. It's a bit difficult to find and flip a kill switch if it's not a physical switch.

So far all I can find is an Arduino/NFC reader/relay setup, but I was wondering is anyone more versed in NFC tech could suggest a less intensive way? I'm looking to replicate a physical momentary switch, a simple open/close operation, without needing the programming and extra components. Is it possible to create a simple switch using only a reader that picks up any passive NFC, or would it have to hold the required data?

I have no idea if any of that made sense, but any help would be appreciated!



  • First off, you do need some sort of reading device to get anything off an NFC tag. On top of that you'll need a microcontroller of some sort to make the reader do what you need. A simple but bulky solution would be an Arduino (as you found out already).
    As for a switch, there are many options. There are solid-state relays easy to drive with an Arduino and very little to go wrong. If you'r a bit better versed you may want to pick a more tailored part depending on the precise action you want to perform such as a mosfet.
    Keep in mind that Arduinos typically are pretty power hungry hippos and can drain your motorbike battery if it's always turned on.

  • Thanks ThomasEgi, it seems like an Arduino will be the way to go. I'll do some reading. A relay will do exactly what I need, which is just switching the control circuit for the starter relay open/closed so the original electrics can do what they need. Re the Arduino draining the battery I'll have it powered by ignition power instead of constant power - although another option I just considered would be only powered up in the start position, which may require a little bit of thinking.

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