Career Choice

I am interested in longevity, life extension, immortality. I know there are couple of ways I can be involved in these subjects. To my knowledge there are basically two ways to achieve this ends. One is biological(biochemistry etc.) and the other is technological(computer science etc.), I have decided that technological ways are too optimistic/hard.

I was considering to major in something related to these interests. Since I have decided that technological or engineering approaches are hard, I was thinking to major in Molecular Biology. Maybe Medicine. (In my country you can go to the med school straight after high school.)

But to my knowledge a major in molecular biology will not gonna lead to good job prospects(especially in my country) and medicine is too much about diagnosing, treating patients rather than research and development and the job is very time consuming. And also, I don't really enjoy biological sciences, I would much rather prefer computer science, electronic eng, physics etc.

Since I have decided that I want to contribute, achieve, obtain etc. to life extension, what can you advise me? Is it better to not fear about the job prospects and go major in molecular biology or is it better to go medicine or do what I enjoy and try something from engineering or physics field?


  • Whatever path you choose, you can find a way to apply your education toward your passions. I am an electrical engineer who works in water treatment. The skills at my job don’t necessarily translate to biohacking but my experience and education with electronics has allowed me to build devices that apply to biohacking.

    I also believe that getting through school studying a field you enjoy will be much more valuable than suffering through schooling that doesn’t interest you.

    Hopefully these opinions help you make your own decision.

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