Development of a grinder resouce library

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Have there been any efforts either here or in other communities to develop a library of resources for the grinder?

I have developed quite a wide library in biology and computer science over the years, and it has helped me out enormously.

I think it would be good if we developed a set of shared resources for the grinder community where we can all participate. It may also stimulate some quality discussion, and bring a stronger & mote transparent evidence base to our work.

I was thinking:

Digital textbooks, studies ( journal full texts ), etc
Interactive tutorials
A directory of related communities, forums, sites, etc

I have quite an extensive collection of texts on biology, making around those areas described in my skill set, along with some others in neuro, endocrine/ cell signalling and general anatomy & physiology. I can gather some of these together into collections. Hopefully others here will have other resources to contribute.

We also need to look at the infrastructure/ layout for sharing these resources.

Just some thoughts to get us started.


  • Honestly, I don't have much to contribute, but as a new member here I would definitely appreciate a chance to learn specifically what I need to work with a lot of the Grinding setups.  Even basic videos of things being constructed or implanted would be a great deal (along the lines of SovereignBleak's implant video).  

    Let me know if there's any thing that I can do to help you guys out.  

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    Would just like to mention the legal ramifications of posting certain material. I don't want some 14 year old getting his finger amputated because they decided to follow our instructions and then the parents try to sue. Actively encouraging people should be something to avoid but I don't think, American law at least, they can do much if we are providing material for the sake of education.   

    As for a layout I think we should try to follow something along the lines of Wikipedia. The English Wikipedia is pretty disorganized but if you check out ones like the Esperanto Wikipedia front page it can be done pretty neatly and separate everything by category.  
  • @Jackthetripper : I was thinking more of a library of general resources rather than specific recommendations. Part of the terms of service of the site should be that resources are provided without advocacy despite any implications of such, and purely for academic discourse, and a note that information is provided on a global basis according to the most liberal jurisdictions. It is the duty of the reader to both determine what is permissible within their jurisdiction, and that they have sole responsibility for their actions.

    Are there many minors who are here on a PRACTICAL grinder site? Maybe this is something that needs to be addressed.

  • For what it's worth, if I may, the first thing I am looking for, as a complete outsider and newbie, is a lay-man's guide to the various concepts being discussed here, particularly the actual procedure widely used for simple mods such as implanting magnets or RFID. Granted, I have found those guides, but only after deep digging, including digging for videos.

    A master list of the community's sum contributions re: tutorials would be an easy and handy way to improve the wiki that is already there.
  • I think that the goals of the community really needs to change focus to the documentation and spread of information being worked on. There a few projects some are working on that others have no idea about. We do need information on, lets say circuits, so we can try to learn and help as best as possible with other projects.

    We really do need a library of useful information and tutorials, or perhaps a profile based "workbench" where individual users can share their progress and maybe even share projects with multiple users. They can get outside input, and hey who does love getting credit for their hard work?

    Also about minors being here? Unlikely but you never know, that's why you have people like Mike Calce who hacked pretty much the whole internet at age 14. 
  • I think that there are a variety of information sources.  I was actually thinking of the sharing of more general resources of general surgical procedures, texts on anatomy/physiology, etc, although I completely agree with the need for specific resources too.  The specific grinder resources would take longer as they would need to be composed from scratch.

    I started another thread on modular components for grinding, as IMHO what the grinding community needs is to wrap up physically (and cognitively) these components to close the gaps in peoples skillsets.

    I know very little about the electronics side of things (although I am familier with software engineering), but my wet work is quite reasonable.  The barrier to me developing my own implants is more on the design of the electronics, to which I am clueless.  If an electronics boffin can put together some schemes for devices, and ideally develop modular components which others can buy, I could encapsulate them without much problem and implant them in myself. 

    It is one thing to share information on a forum in Q&A format, but IMO we need more cooperation on deployment.

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