Firefly in the neck?

Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to the biohacking thing. Have been following it on and off for years.

I don't think I want to tie myself to one kind of RFID implant just yet (I would have very little use for it currently). However I am very interested in the firefly type implants.

I have two questions in this regard:

  1. Would it be safe to implant one in the nape of the neck? Somewhere near the C2 vertebra?
  2. Is there anywhere I could find one in blue? has green and yellow only, due to the luminosiy of the other colors being so low. If I had to I would probably go for green.

Also does anyone know where I could currently buy a sensing magnet?

I have a friend who is a doctor that would be willing to do the procedure for me. I just need the implants!


  • I can't definitively answer the question about placement in the neck but my gut tells me "Yes."

    Blue Firefly tattoos don't exist. The only ones that are available are through Alex Smith designed and tested these with the help of other community members to make them as safe as possible. Any imitators may not have that degree of safety. Green and yellow are your options unless Alex has plans we don't know about.

    Sensing magnets are available through Steve Haworth and Samppa Von Cyborg. Steve Haworth only sells to piercing professionals, supposedly, and I have never dealt with Samppa Von Cyborg. Other members are experimenting with other coatings but those are your two commercially viable options.

    If you're interested in low-frequency RFID or NFC tags, consider getting a ring or bracelet with a similar tag so you can try then out before you get one implanted. I wore an NFC ring for a whole month before I decided it was something I was willing to implant.

  • Thank you for the informative feedback. From the reading I have been doing, the Haworth one does not sound like something I would go for (big and weak).

    I managed to find Samppa Von Cyborg's Instagram earlier, which led me to their Etsy page but that turned up only t-shirts. So the hunt continues haha.

    The ring is a very good suggestion. I did look into the ones but will wait and see when their visa version comes out.

  • Update* I managed to find Samppa von Cyborg's email. Let's see how it goes. Holding thumbs!

  • Did you have any luck?

  • He got back to me I had to get a friend with a tattoo parlor as a go between as he does not deal directly with the public. The pricing on his magnets is extremely prohibitive for me (with the exchange rate) - before shipping costs even.

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